Artist in Residence

Application Reel


3. Portfolio of Creative Works

A 5-minute video composed of 3 of my works created specifically for you:
The Badlands National Park Artist in Residence Program

A more in depth description of each project can be found below

In this reel, I chose 3 projects that showcase a range of my work, from creative, to commercial, to personal. Each piece of work is part of my larger portfolio, but these hold a special place in my heart, and I wanted to welcome you into what I love doing, so hopefully you can invite me to share this passion with you, and create wonderful videos for the Badlands as one of your Artists in Residence this year.


To showcase my creative work, I included the trailer for Seize the King. I was commissioned by the award-winning Classical Theatre of Harlem to conceptualize, write,  direct and produce a sizzle trailer for their upcoming “Uptown Shakespeare in the Park'' show: “Seize the King,” a reimagining of Shakespeare’s “Richard III” 

Because this is a trailer for a live play, that was filmed before the actors were even cast, the idea was to bring the visuals of live theatre and the play into a 1 minute video that could be used to promote on social media, website and advertisement. There's the crown, the stage lights, and the struggle he goes through within. And the actor's face remains a mystery, who will play Richard III?


To showcase my wide range of work, I included my work for Nintendo's beloved video game franchise: The Legend of Zelda. The Symphony of The Goddesses was a live orchestral performance of re-orchestrated music from the game in sync with videos created for the show. I was the creative director and associate producer of the third season of the show for all their new music and video pieces.

The video above was filmed in Japan with the creators of the game who were present for the 25th anniversary concert, and it also shows a piece from the 
show called "Majora's Mask Medley" that I created for them for the re-release of the game Majora's Mask. I worked with a composer, and crafted a storytelling of the places you see in the game, taking the audience on a journey. The video was created based on the songs that were used. As the creative director on a video and project like this, the most important thing is to maintain the branding and essence that the company and original creators had.

While at the Badlands, I hope to do justice to the image the park wants to maintain as well.


A short video that pairs our inherent need to tell stories, to the lands we have come from, and are drawn to. This video was created by the love I have for National Parks, and storytelling. This is a tiny little glimpse into what I can create. The sky is the limit,.
Inspired by this very application, to create something that explores our deep-rooted need to re-connect with Nature, and what I would like to explore while at the Badlands as an Artist in Residence. Filmed in Arizona and the Lone Rock beach in Utah.

I try to find creative ways to create moving shots, and aerial shots that do not ever include drones. Here I used a handheld device and a car mount.